Sunday, December 11, 2011

These are some memorable moments in time...

Memorable moments some very special ones...
This is Nancy and I the night we met in Manila.
Wow it was a night to remember.
We started off  trying to find each other at the airport.
After a long and long awaited Hug.
We went to the Cinema to watch a movie and catch up.
Wow there was a lot of catching up to do I had such a great time.
The movie was also a fantastic movie,  Real Steel.
The next morning Nancy and I boarded a 747 Jet.
We were both excited we had a chance to fly together.
As you can see Nancy has a real eye for photography.
A couple beautiful scenic shots from our flight.

We spent some of our days at beautiful resorts, and attractions around Davao City.
We also spent alot of time in Compastela relaxing and seeing all the beauty.
Compastela has a lot to offer I had a wonderful time with Nancy and her family.
We also enjoyed several wonderful and very beautiful sunsets together.