Thursday, June 10, 2010

I have been busy...

I have been busy at work. I have not been around my blog a lot and I apologize.
Our company is growing, and with growth more time is required to keep up.
I assemble and calibrate PSEM's (Electron Beam Microscopes) for a living.
This is a photo of one of our full size models called an "eXplorer".

This is a photo of our desktop model called an "eXpress".

Our machines are used for several applications in a variety of fields.

Crime labs, metal analysis, mineral analysis, and much much more.

If your interested in learning about our machines check out this website.

ASPEX Corp here you may learn about our company and machines.

Our company has recently made the local news KDKA.

One of our units made it on to the TV Series CSI Miami .

Please feel free to ckeck out these links: ASPEX Corp, KDKA, CSI Miami