Sunday, October 2, 2011

Long time waiting but its time again.

" My thoughts are always crossing oceans, and stop halfway around the world!!! "

It's been a year since we met in person seems so long ago. She is so far away yet so near to the heart.
Waiting impatiently for the time we meet again, wrapping our arms around each other with a long awaited giant hug for each other. I miss seeing her beautiful smile, and bright shining stars in those dark deep beautiful eyes of hers. The way she gazes at you with those beautiful eyes, looking into your eyes, a person could get lost forever in those gorgeous sparkling eyes. Soon we will be enjoying some time together once again, just enjoying life being happy together. We have fun things planned like zip-lining, I mean it was so much fun last time why not do it again? Karaoke, at a Karaoke bar yea why not maybe I won't sing, but then again maybe I will. Nancy has a beautiful voice so I know she will sing. There are so many things to do that we are just going to do a lot at random and enjoy the time. We both have faith, and believe that one day things will work out completely in our favor with a touch of God's hand. Are we meant to be?? There are Nye Sayers, and there are the ones who say yes. Well we have made it several years, met in person, and still looking forward to it again. GOD must have a plan seeing we have gone so far up this path already.