Saturday, November 19, 2011

Here is more of our vacation fun...

We had a wonderful time visiting many places during our time we had together. The wavepool was one of the fun places we were able to visit.

This is EMARS wavepool in Davao.

Our day swimming at EMARS wavepool.

This is another small resort we stopped at in Davao where we ate, played music, videoke, and then we took a romantic evening swim. 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Making the most of a wonderful vacation for us

Last year in October 2010 Nancy and I went to "Eden Nature Park" Davao Philippines, and tried the Zipline (Skyride) out. We had such a great and exciting time the ride was such a rush. The Zipline at Eden Nature Park is a descent ride it may not be as long or as high as other Ziplines but it is a lot of fun for first timers. You ride twice zip one way then back to the start. 

This year October/November 2011 Nancy and I were a bit more daring so we went to "Outland Adventures" in Davao Philippines for a longer, and higher Zipline (Skyride) experience. You ride twice at Outland Adventures as well, one way is 600meters long 400feet high, then the second ride is 500meters long and 300feet high. Outland Adventures  Zipline first they harness you at the park entrance for your ride, one of two choices or combination of both. Then you are driven up the mountain to start your trip back on two separate lines. There are two lines as a safety feature, the harnesses are connected to both so you are safe if one line would fail. The park employees are very safety conscience about every detail. Ziplining is such a rush, and so exhilarating while your accelerating across the sky on a cable trying to shot a video with an unsteady hand. 

Maybe next time we will try the superman position instead of the seated position seems like every time we get a little more daring. We hope everyone enjoys our zipline videos, feel free to comment your opinions and questions are always welcome.

Eden Nature Park (2010)

Outland Adventures (2011)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The healthy part of it

JK and I are glad to be back. It was such a great quite long vacation we just have had and the times we’ve spent with each other having fun going to places, watching movies, dining in and out are just things we both wish wouldn’t have to end. But it has to just like any other things we do in life that has a time frame. Such is reality!

One of the so many things that I am probably going to miss is the morning walk. I simply find it healthy and such a helpful exercise to pair with natural weight loss pills if you’re on diet. Well I was on diet too. But sometimes things have to change (well temporarily) not because we want them but because we feel we deserve a break as well.

Normally it is just a short walk we did pretty much every till we get to the next corner of the street to get a ride to take us wherever we wish to go for the day. Other times I can’t keep up with it especially when the sun is all out - I could whine about it (oh God knows I do) but I certainly wouldn’t mind walking a few miles in the afternoon or at night.

Just how I wish we have more time together but reality has it. This time I am gluing myself back to the internet again while JK’s back to his normal life as well. We still do get hold of each other though. It just has to be the virtual way like we used to this time again.