Sunday, November 13, 2011

Making the most of a wonderful vacation for us

Last year in October 2010 Nancy and I went to "Eden Nature Park" Davao Philippines, and tried the Zipline (Skyride) out. We had such a great and exciting time the ride was such a rush. The Zipline at Eden Nature Park is a descent ride it may not be as long or as high as other Ziplines but it is a lot of fun for first timers. You ride twice zip one way then back to the start. 

This year October/November 2011 Nancy and I were a bit more daring so we went to "Outland Adventures" in Davao Philippines for a longer, and higher Zipline (Skyride) experience. You ride twice at Outland Adventures as well, one way is 600meters long 400feet high, then the second ride is 500meters long and 300feet high. Outland Adventures  Zipline first they harness you at the park entrance for your ride, one of two choices or combination of both. Then you are driven up the mountain to start your trip back on two separate lines. There are two lines as a safety feature, the harnesses are connected to both so you are safe if one line would fail. The park employees are very safety conscience about every detail. Ziplining is such a rush, and so exhilarating while your accelerating across the sky on a cable trying to shot a video with an unsteady hand. 

Maybe next time we will try the superman position instead of the seated position seems like every time we get a little more daring. We hope everyone enjoys our zipline videos, feel free to comment your opinions and questions are always welcome.

Eden Nature Park (2010)

Outland Adventures (2011)

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