Tuesday, March 30, 2010

summer' here!

It's officially summer time now here in the Philippines. Sun is at its hottest during the day an air at its warmest during the night. Even for a not so outgoing type like me, I still can feel the heat. But I'm lucky to have a personal bathroom just right next to my bedroom so taking a bath or shower doesn't have to be that inconvenient. Plus, I have my designer brand fragrances too that I make sure to wear after every bath so I smell fresh till I need to turn on that shower knob again.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

A vision of beauty...

She is always such a vision of beauty. 
Seeing her tends to bring warmth in to the heart.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

You as my seasons...

You as my seasons

Loving you is like the four seasons.

When you're smiling it is like a midsummer day all sunny and warm makes a person feel so happy.

When you sit and stare so blank it is like a boring and glumly fall day makes for a draining day.

When you're so sad and crying with a frown it is like rainy spring day a shower or thunderstorm.

When you're angry and mad it is like a winter storm the madder you are the more snow that falls.

All four seasons have their own beauty so do you in all four of your seasons.

I love all four seasons as I love you through all your four seasons.

You remind me of like a beautiful flower in its full life cycle.

 In the spring you start to grow and bloom in to such a beautiful display.

In the summer you're in full bloom so beautiful and pristine.

In the fall you're starting to wither a bit and your petals are no longer in full bloom.

In the winter your petals have all gone away and you're cold as ice looking forward to spring soon.

Written by:  JK

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Win or Lose

We all have a path in which to follow. But at times the path splits off in to different directions.  The direction we choose to head makes or breaks us in life. Sometimes we emerge in victory to be the winner, and yet other times we are the loser. Life is a series of wins and loses. Sometimes a winning hand is not the winning hand we think it is. Sometimes we get what we want and feel it is a great victory and we are so far from the truth because we actually lost in the end. Sometimes we feel we lose because we did not get what we want, and we are so far from the truth because we have actually won. Getting all we want at the moment we want it does not make us winners because we could be losing out on so much more. Not getting all we want does not make us losers because if we are meant to have it it will come in time and may have a better out come. These are only my thoughts and opinions you may agree or disagree. Life is what it is, and we should try to live life the best we can every day win or lose. Life will always be a daily battle in which we shall emerge from (WIN or LOSE). This is at home, work, and everywhere else we may tread.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

I dont often like wearing cologne..

I cant stand the smell of a lot of colognes.
Most colognes seem to be very strong smelling.

I have found one that I have liked since I was a teenager.
I believe Brut has a very pleasant smell.
Not overwhelming like many other colognes on the market.
Most colognes make me sneeze, Brut is one that doesn't make me sneeze.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Kids meals make a great treat.

Baby Alex loves his chicken nuggets and potato fries.
Yummy nugget and a nice cup of milk to wash it down.
Yummy fries to go with my chicken nuggets...
Mmmmmm... More fries...
Then after dinner he can play with the little toy that comes with it.
We buy Alex a happy meal every so often it is a special treat for him.
I don't like giving children lots of pop (soda) because is not so healthy.
To much pop (soda) can be harmful to children in many ways.
So as you can see we give him milk instead.
Milk is a healthier drink for children.
Children need a nice change every so often...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A guys day out: our visit to Ohiopyle today

The Main falls
Alex enjoying the view
At the creek
Looking down from the top or the falls
Top of Cucumber Falls
Cucumber Falls area
Beautiful scenery
Alex and JD
Me behind the falls
JD and Alex again
We were out today visiting Ohiopyle
Video of the Falls.

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Friend made the Top 20 on internet radio

My friend Bob Sites is a singer song writer, and he has some fantastic songs. You should hear for yourselves. You can check out some of his music at http://www.myspace.com/bobsites. Bob has also made the TOP 20 on KXBG BIRTH OF RADIO on the Internet. His music is very touching and heart felt. I enjoy listening to his songs and you should also have a chance to listen and enjoy Bob's music. Once you have the pleasure of listening to his music you will see why he made it to the top 20 and see he has a chance of going all the way to (#1) on the Radio station KXBG BIRTH OF RADIO. If you in the mood for some wonderful touching music check out Bob at any of the three following places: http://www.myspace.com/bobsites, KXBG BIRTH OF RADIO. His songs are all his own original music.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I wish soon and pray for the best...

I am here sitting alone once again. The last few days I been sitting here wondering hows Nancy hope things are OK and praying for the best out come. Nancy has been away because her poor little niece is in the hospital not feeling very well. I have called her a few times. I spoke to her a little while ago and seems her niece is doing some better. I miss seeing her beautiful face on the screen while she sits here with me. I honestly don't know why but most of the time when she is around I have a calmness come over me. We have our fantastic day together where it can't seem to be any better, and we have our days in which we disagree, but it is what makes us so real. We share our true feelings with each other. Well I can't wait for her to be back and I pray her niece has a full and fast recovery. All her nieces and her daughters are little sweethearts they are so adorable.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

we talk, share and learn from each other

Like a real-time couple, Jim and I don't just share personal issues together but with economic and social issues as well. This is our way of taking each other to the real world we're living in on a daily basis. We do not just limit our discussions to our personal concerns but to the social environment we deal with everyday as well.

All along I thought murder is just as out of hand as drug addiction in the city where he lives. Not until he broke one, sad local news about a poor mentally challenged woman who was tortured to death few blocks away from their house about three weeks ago.

It made me shiver to have read the full news story. Just the same feeling I feel each time I read or watch crime stories with the same content happening around my own country. Who would think such evil acts like these is done by sane people?

Looking at the photos further, looks like the six prime suspects badly needed the Ohio Drug Rehab. There's no way these people can get away from addiction if they won't submit themselves to a complete treatment performed by professionals like Ohio Drug Rehabilitation addiction experts.

One of the suspects is only 17 and is believed to still deserve a better future ahead if treated accordingly. There's even no need to look further because Drug Rehab in Ohio is already there. I'm not certain though how convenient and accessible the center is but I'm sure they have high-end facilities, experts and place conducive enough to help a patient to fully recover from addiction. I wish the family concern can work it out for the kid one of these days.

So anyway, back to us. This is how we live our life together. We talk, we share and we learn from each other. Yes we do them all virtually yet we try to make it as real as possible because we both believe that what we have is real and that we are worth for each other in the end.