Saturday, March 27, 2010

You as my seasons...

You as my seasons

Loving you is like the four seasons.

When you're smiling it is like a midsummer day all sunny and warm makes a person feel so happy.

When you sit and stare so blank it is like a boring and glumly fall day makes for a draining day.

When you're so sad and crying with a frown it is like rainy spring day a shower or thunderstorm.

When you're angry and mad it is like a winter storm the madder you are the more snow that falls.

All four seasons have their own beauty so do you in all four of your seasons.

I love all four seasons as I love you through all your four seasons.

You remind me of like a beautiful flower in its full life cycle.

 In the spring you start to grow and bloom in to such a beautiful display.

In the summer you're in full bloom so beautiful and pristine.

In the fall you're starting to wither a bit and your petals are no longer in full bloom.

In the winter your petals have all gone away and you're cold as ice looking forward to spring soon.

Written by:  JK

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