Sunday, March 21, 2010

Win or Lose

We all have a path in which to follow. But at times the path splits off in to different directions.  The direction we choose to head makes or breaks us in life. Sometimes we emerge in victory to be the winner, and yet other times we are the loser. Life is a series of wins and loses. Sometimes a winning hand is not the winning hand we think it is. Sometimes we get what we want and feel it is a great victory and we are so far from the truth because we actually lost in the end. Sometimes we feel we lose because we did not get what we want, and we are so far from the truth because we have actually won. Getting all we want at the moment we want it does not make us winners because we could be losing out on so much more. Not getting all we want does not make us losers because if we are meant to have it it will come in time and may have a better out come. These are only my thoughts and opinions you may agree or disagree. Life is what it is, and we should try to live life the best we can every day win or lose. Life will always be a daily battle in which we shall emerge from (WIN or LOSE). This is at home, work, and everywhere else we may tread.


tikno said...

I'm following a principle: I'm following a principle: "Just do my best with prays and not too worry to lose, because there's always another chance".

Lynn said...

exactly! very nice thought, JK.

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thanks a lot!