Saturday, September 27, 2008


Haha! this is exactly what Google is doing to our page rank here.

Poor blog! This page used to have a rank of 4. It dropped down to 2 when we joined paid advertising sometime in June and after awhile, they finally took it all. Losing it startled us a bit but we really never let it affects us that much.

Few weeks later, we managed to regain the other half of the rank... whew! don't it sound so tiring? lol! But wait... I'm not done yet... Just a few minutes ago while opening the page, thinking of what to post for an update, I noticed the small green button from our right sidebar is now marked zero (again!???)

Sigh! Whatever!

Anyways, we really can't charge it all to Google. As the authors, we have our own shortcomings too. I believe JK on his part has his personal reasons and as much as I respect his privacy, I opt not to a thing on his behalf. Maybe we can wait to hear from him one of these days. However, on my part I have other blogs to manage too that needs regular update. How I wish there is 48 hours in a day to cover every bit of my daily online activities.

We're really very sorry for the unreturned visits and unanswered messages. Every inch of effort you made for our page is greatly appreciated. Thank you! We hope to somehow hit you back one of these days.

May you all have a pleasant weekend!

1 comment:

pchi said...


yeah, I think the paid posts were the culprits

but anyway, I hope JK would come back to bloging again

Anyway, just visiting you both here!