Saturday, July 11, 2009

online shopping

With or without the desire of buying something, hanging out in a mall is one great outdoor activity I so love to do. I always find shopping malls a great place to loosen up and relax. I enjoy shopping but to me it doesn't mean overspending. At times I love to shop with companies like friends or family but most of the time I prefer to shop alone. With that I can freely walk around without the need to rush and without minding for whoever is waiting for me.

There are several departments I never fail to look around. The kitchen, furniture, embroidery, footwear and just lately I become fascinated with electronics and gadgets. Although when it comes to spending, I never splurge. Trust me I can spend hours just to get a quality yet fairly priced pair of footwear. Funny but I can even leave the store empty handed sometimes not finding the right price for a certain thing I'd like to have.

At some point, I have tried online shopping too though it was not a successful one. Nevertheless, I'm still glad shopping doesn't have to be as demanding as it is. The advent of technology made it even easier and convenient for shoppers. If chanced I would still love to try my luck again with shopping online. I wonder what my first successful shipped item would be.

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