Wednesday, November 4, 2009

australian souvenirs

Aren't these handbags pretty and cool?

Inspired and created from the land of Kangaroos and the so soft- looking Koala bears in the Southern Hemisphere, Australia! Of course when we get to new places the first time apart from exploring, collecting souvenirs is always in the agenda.

At is where you can get these extra- soft koala handbags with plush toy along with many other trinkets and handmade souvenirs from Australia. It measures 30 cm in height and 26 cm. in width so it'll securely accommodate some of your personal stuffs plus it has a zipper to enclose them inside.

Other Australian souvenir includes boomerangs, plush toys, clip on kangaroos, clip on koalas, stuffed koalas, the most common keychains and a whole lot more. They also feature the traditional artworks of Australian indigenous people better known as the Aborigines. They call them the aboriginal arts, symbols and souvenirs. You should check them out as well!

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