Monday, October 18, 2010

and we've made it!

Hey there everyone! It's 4:53 am (19th) now here in my side of the world and with the help of this bar of Snickers and a bag of chips I am munching right now I am hoping I could stay awake till I get to see JK safely made it back to his home in Pennsylvania.

Yes, the long post interval here explains it all. We've made it! We've finally both had each other for the very first time in almost 3 long years and I really praise God for keeping us close together despite the distance until we made it.

We've shared 15 precious days together ( from Oct. 3, his arrival towards the 17th) exploring places here and there and I'm telling you that 1TB external hard drive he just gave me indeed helped us a lot in storing all the pictures we took. Even now, I still find it too overwhelming to look at them all. I can't believe we took as much as we've had.

But on top of that story of course JK and I were both so overjoyed to have experience all those awesome places we've been together and have made lots of fun and special memories for us to hold on to for we knew we still have long roads to travel to ahead of us.

It's kind of sad when I sent him back to the airport the other day. How I wish he didn't have to but hey with him leaving doesn't mean the end of the whole thing. We both believe there's more for us in the future and we will still both try to work for whatever we can to keep our relationship no matter how long it may take us and that's what we promised to each other before we parted ways.

Anyway, there's more to tell and lots of fun memories to share but for now I am more on looking forward to hear from him for the first time after he made it home. He should be on at any minute so I gotta be out here for now and hang on for the beautiful pictures we've got... that's up on our next post.

But wait.....

I just thought it won't be too much of a burden to pull out one pic before I go now, would it? So here it is...

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