Saturday, June 18, 2011

The DJ and the Troll...

There was a DJ that loved his job playing music in his home town. The town knew the DJ as DJ Fly. DJ Fly woke up one morning ready to go play his music and have fun for the day. JD Fly arrived at the spot he was going to play, and started setting up his equipment boy was JD Fly excited he could not wait to play. DJ Fly was picking out some of his favorite songs thinking wow this is gonna be great, my greatest night ever. DJ Fly is now setup and people are starting to show up. Everything is going well for DJ Fly he is having a blast playing music for everyone. Unbeknownst to the DJ there was a set of eyes on him all night as he played. This little Troll was sitting over in one corner of the room watching JD Fly play. The Troll was moving around the room all night watching DJ Fly as the Troll believed she was in love. The Troll could not stop thinking of wedding bells, and seeing pink hearts float all around, every time she looked at DJ Fly. The DJ never knew he had such an admirer stocking him. The Troll had been stocking the JD for a while watching, and waiting for a chance to make her move. DJ Fly's eyes caught the Trolls eyes staring at him. The Troll made her move diving over the equipment, right on top of DJ Fly, knocking him over to the floor. The Troll Planted an Kiss right on DJ Fly's lips professing her love for him. The Troll Screamed out I love you, you will Marry me one day my LOVE!!! DJ Fly rose to his feet tossing the Troll across the room in a startled panic, running out the door screaming in a state of confusion never to be heard from again. Some think DJ Fly is in hiding from the Troll, while others believe the Troll caught DJ Fly forcing his hand in marriage to be chained up forever as her love.

The End...

By: Jk

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