Thursday, January 8, 2009

Whats on my mind?

Sometimes know matter how hard we try or how close we get it just does not happen. We can feel the end is in site yet find out we can't be further from the truth. Life is not always fair to people. Sometimes things happen in this life we can't explain or even do anything about. Sometimes people give up for all the wrong reasons and fall short of their set goals. Sometimes your Goals just get ripped right out from under you when your not looking. Sometimes we forget that we are not just making a decision that only affects us, but also affect those people around us. It is said there is a reason for all that happens even if we don't understand it. Like to people in love going their own ways to show their love to each other. Life is not always fair, well in some cases life is never fair. But as people we need to pickup all the pieces and move on the best we can.