Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Angel, My Angel By: JK

The Angel, My Angel
There was a guy who lost everything, then meets a beautiful Angel. This Angel captivates him from the first time they meet. The guy knows from the first moment that this Angel is such a special gift from God. The guy goes to sleep and Dreams of this Beautiful Angel sun glowing behind her while she flutters in the sky. She has the most captivating eyes and the sweetest smile. The guy awakes in the morning, and ruches to see if his Angel is there. He loves seeing his Angel first thing in the morning it makes his day start so very pleasant. He thinks of her his every waking moment, her beautiful smile, pretty eyes, soft spoken voice, radiant light that seems to shine so bright, and gorgeous looks. He comes home from work and rushes once again to see his Angel. He lives his everyday for his Angel only her and no one else. He can feel a love from this Angel that is true and refreshing. His life only has one meaning and it is to love his Angel with a full and true unconditional love. The Angel has given new purpose to the guy’s life, one day the guy and Angel will meet in person the guy will finally have his chance to look directly into the Angels eyes and get blinded with all the love she has offered. Baby I am this guy, and you are the Angel.

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