Friday, April 23, 2010

Kids can be way to fast...

Everyone knows Alex one of the favorite celebrities here on this page. Alex is almost two now he is talking and so cute. If he wants a drink he brings his sippy cup and hands it to you and follows you to the fridge. When Alex get his long waited drink he says thank you. He is so cute with the manners already. I feel kids are never to young to learn manners. We had a nice dinner and Alex ate allot and thought he was full even finished a sippy cup. My daughter was sitting at the table doing her finger nails. Alex was playing. One of my daughters friends called her attention and she looked away for a few seconds when it happened. Alex grabbed the nail polish remover and started drinking before anyone could grab him. I heard Alex let out a scream and seen him vomit across the table several times. I grabbed Alex up and ran him to the car and rushed him a couple blocks away to the emergency room. I was so scared that the acetone in the nail polish remover would cause sever damage. The hospital had poison control on the phone really fast. Since he had puked up what he had in his belly Poison control suggested plenty of fluids to flush his system. the doctors gave Alex a chest x-ray and plenty of fluids. Wow did he toss a scare into us. They felt he was OK to send home with a follow up visit to his doctor the next day. Pappy took Alex to the doctor we are so lucky he has no irreversible damages. We only looked away for seconds and this was the out come. Kids are so fast and bad things happen in a split second. Your not a bad parent it something happens sometimes its out of our hands. The only way your a bad parent is if you don't handle it in a responsible way.

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Dhemz said...

oh my...I remember him when he used to be a little baby on your he's big!

glad to know he's alright!