Monday, April 11, 2011

dancing those belly fats away

This year's summer season has got me so busy dawdling with bunch of kids around... I knew it! But not when it comes to doing my regular weight loss activities and this time I got a new addition to that routine of mine - the Latin's popular Zumba dance, LOL! Funny because I'm not really good at dancing but for the sake of my goal, I'm carrying it all out... besides, not like I have audience watching whenever I do. If they're just the girls and my younger sister who's into it too, I won't mind at all. In fact, the kids don't just watch... they get to irresistibly dance along with the music too. That makes it even more fun, huh.

So far, I have shredded a little over 20 pounds in just five months. Way more to go. And though I know I already have found the right workout routine for me, I still can't help but to keep on looking for other fat loss related activities that I may find interesting to do online - that includes effective Fat Burning Diet meal plan search to go with my workouts.

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