Friday, February 1, 2008

Just some random thoughts

My days are filled with sadness and my nights sleepless. I wish life was easier but it always has to be so difficult. I know I should be used to it by now. I mean my life has always dished out the worst possible things to me. I wish I was able to get happiness in my life I try to be the best person I can. I try to be a caring and honest person and I try to do the right things in my life. I pray to God and hope to hear answers. I can never seem to get it right though. I don’t know why but it always seems to be that way. I wish life could be easier. My life has been completely turned upside down and torn apart over the past few recent months. I have found some happiness in this whole mess of a life but even in my happiness there is sadness for reasons I can’t disclose but it hurts so much. I want to be a happy person as I once was. I wish someone in this world could turn me in the right direction. I feel so lost and confused anymore. A few months ago my life hit a brick wall at 200 miles an hour, and it hasn’t been the same since. My children and a special lady have given me hope that something will change someday. Sometimes I wonder why God has to test me so much sometime I don’t think I can handle any more. I wish life was easier. But it isn’t so I just have to get through it. Sorry for the ramblings. But it is my minds thoughts….

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nelle said...

Hey there, I was just blog hopping and happened to land here on ur blog! :P

I totally know how you feel. I've been on the worst situation for the past years. It's terrible so to say but we really can't do it alone, but by the strength of the mighty One above, we can truly overcome everything.

Maybe it's just another turning point in your life and it will be awesome if u continue to share ur stuff here on your blog, it would make a bit of a difference to see the sun shining after some stormy days in someone's life. Have a good day!