Sunday, February 1, 2009

experience the thrill of the game

Paintballing. A newest generation of extreme sports. A game of adventure, intelligence and strength. Two teams of equal numbers play head to head with gas powered gun that propel balls filled with paint.

Umm.. sounds exciting, huh!

I actually remember playing its old counterpart during my childhood, the game "hide and seek" but paintball is much more challenging and sophisticated this time. For safety, paintball players must always wear safety gears to protect themselves. And for as long as all rules are followed, paintball can be a very safe sports.

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I wanna experience the thrill of this game, one day. It is a sport played by people from all walks of life and where women and men can compete equally and I think it's a fun sport.

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Earvin said...

I've played paintball a lot of times and it really is an adrenaline-rushing sport! One of the coolest games ever!