Sunday, May 4, 2008

Back to Nature....

We decided to make a day out of OhioPyle ... It is so nice when its the rainy season because Cucumber Falls is close to or at max flow... It is such a peaceful place to visit... Hope you enjoy the avi file we shot while we were there...


I love spending time in nature... It is a relaxing way to spend your day... You can forget all your troubles and just take in all the beauty it has to offer...


joseph said...

hi. running waters seems to be cool. nice one!

wanna xlinks? please let me know, thanks a lot! :D

Midas said...

That's beautiful!

I like running water like that, but there's none closer than 3 hours away.


aL|e said...

wow! love the view! :)

how are you dear? :)

Petite said...

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Petite ;0

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