Friday, October 9, 2009

a laundry bag and backpacks for the needy kids on Christmas

Christmas is for everyone. But with all the ordeals felt by many as of late not only here in the Philippines but to some neighboring countries as well, I wonder what Christmas will be like for them without their home and with lost loved ones to some. I doubt if they even realize that the time of the year is drawing so near. These people need comfort and alleviation.

Lucky are we that lives, places and properties were spared from such misfortune. So if we can... just if it's possible let us try not to fail to show some care by giving them realistic presents that would somehow help them meet their needs especially for children. Aside from food and clothing you may also want to pick any from these sure hit gift items below:

slate yellow mint laundry bag

navy aqua mint medium personalized kids backpacks for school boys

or this pretty stephen joseph quilted backpack for little girls.

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