Saturday, October 3, 2009

Philippine Tragedy

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Typhoon Ondoy caused the worst flooding in 40 years and killed 288 people in the Philippines. Now a second typhoon in eight days is bearing down on the Philippine country. This is such a heart breaking tragedy. Well at least the weather stations are claiming Typhoon Parma, is no longer headed for the same heavily populated areas devastated by the earlier storm this is a good thing. These people need prayers and help from all over the world. It is tragedies like this where all countries should pull together and help their fellow human beings. This is when the world can unite and give food, cloths, and medical aid. God Bless all the people in the devastated areas, and may God provide comfort and relief for these families.

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aL|e said...

My heart ached when I saw the news on TV about this tragedy. I really wanted to help those affected people but I don't have money so I just keep on praying that God will embrace and comfort them to ease their sorrow and pain.