Monday, October 26, 2009

tan-seersucker insulated lunch tote

In line with our post below, here's another Posy Lane's best and it's for your toddlers and preschoolers this time. I know preparing snacks or lunch for them to go through a long day at school is one thing you take into a careful consideration. What other way to keep those food packages intact than placing them to a safe storage such as this handy and stylish lunch tote.

At Posy Lane, they call it tan-seersucker insulated lunch tote. It is obviously insulated with bubble foil and is constructed with colorful, sturdy nylon, designed to last for years. it comes with different colors and designs. It also works well with other functions such as overnight bag, diaper bag or bottle storage for babies.

Giving a personal touch by adding their name to it will make it even more special. Kids will love that idea too as much as we adults do. You can pick what you think their favorite color is and let the embroidery experts from Posy Lane do the rest.

You may also want to coordinate a personalized lunch tote with a toddler backpack or a mint nap mat to make a perfect gift set!

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