Wednesday, January 23, 2008

13 Extra Challenge For This Year

I got a tag from Pinay Mommy:." So here it goes...

Champion a child - target: my 2 kids
Encourage a co-worker - target: my 3 friends at work - Frank, Eric, and Bob.
Read a a great book - target: Do Tech jurnals count?
Do something that frightens you - target: Fall in love again.
Write a thank you note - target: To those who have helped me with my blogging skills.
Do something kind for a stranger - target: Anyone in need of help.
Wow a customer - target: Treat them like family.
Learn something new - target: Make my blog the best I can.
Let go of a resentment - target: look at what I have done wrong and fix it.
Do better work - target: strive to every day.
Be more passionate - target: Hard one to do, because of circumstances beyond my control.
Speak truthfully - target: I am alway honest and truthful, even when others dont like it.
Stand for excellence - target: Try to be the best I can be and then some.

I like to pass this to Angel, Tintin, michelle and resebel.


Michelle said...

Thanks for passing this tag to me Jk. I let you know when I post this already.

athens143 said...

hi thanks JK for this Tag :-) will post it as soon as I'm finish :-) have a good day :-) hey leave your comments too in my Guestbook together with your site so that others can also see it :-) nice blog you have :-)