Monday, January 28, 2008


Wow what to say for once I am lost for words. I would like to thank Nancy for sharing this with me it is a privilege to be a friend of yours.

If I may I would like to say to that someone special out there told you my heart was in the clouds when I think of you which is always….

I wanna pass this to my constant visitors janethvicy, texas sweetie, michelle, Wildcatlady29, Mommy situlas, Tintin,and Princess . Thank you all for your thoughts and time.


Princess said...

oh wow! thank you so much, jk. this is so sweet. tc!

Tintin said...

hi there JK i'm having a hard time t post in your site. it seems you don't have your CBOX anymore and your site is quite messed up. maybe you can check thanks have a nice weekend ahead :-)