Saturday, January 19, 2008

My son and I enjoyed a ride in the snow.

I love the snow it is just like a big white blanket

when it is on the ground. I could however live

with out the cold that comes with it. Posted for everyone

who doesn't get snow.


Mookie said...

I have always wanted to see and touch a snow and make my own snowman :(. I'm jealous lol tho I already touched some hale before hehehe

towr said...

I also want to experienced snow. how i wish i can go to your place. :)

JK said...

Well i love the snow but the cold that comes with it is no fun lol. I like playing in the snow with my son.. thank you for the comments.

Wildcatlady29 said...

Ohh i always wish that will get a lot of snow here in tennessee but we only get 1/2 inch to 2 inches of snow,I said to my husband i wish it will snow here like 5 foot lol he just laugh at I'm just kidding.I'm a Filipina and we don't have snow in the philippines:(but we have great weather all year long (Tropical).