Saturday, January 26, 2008


Can someone please tell me why love has to be so difficult when it is supposed to be something so special?
If you love somebody and they love you shouldn't that be all that matters. I mean for example if you go to the grocery store, and you run in to the most beautiful person and the feeling seems mutual then you just start dating hmmm sounds so easy huh.
Ok If you chat to somebody on line, and they live down the street wow once again so easy you go out right.
Well then why can’t it be just as easy for two people that live a couple thousand miles a part hmmm now its not so easy is it. You have so many more things to consider like how will it affect everyone else as well as the two of you?
So many more people have to be involved in such a personal relationship. I am just saying how different it is to be able to easily care about someone across the street, and then how hard it is to care about somebody across the world.

How many others think about such things?


honey said...

Hello there..Have a blessed Sunday morning..:)
I had a long distance relationship with my fiance,But everything seems easy for us.. Easy sometimes I admit hard.. Hmmm..kinda confusing. Anyway for me,if both of you have determination to make the relationship going even long distance you can handle it easier.Like Us, We know we love each other and we just follow our hearts. The toughest part is when you need himp hysically and he is not around.. But he is woth waiting and thats what I'm always thinking,... LOVE makes everything easy..neither far or close when your Inlove the distance doesnt matter.. TAKECARE..AND GODSPEED!:)

Scotty's Princess said...

Hi there again Jim, got the time to read all your posts. I understand completely what you must be feeling. I am into a long distance relationship now and we just turned 1 year old and still counting. We still haven't met but i am hoping against hope that we will be able to finally meet this year. I think distance is no barrier for the feelings to grow. If you both believe on what u have and is willing to go and fight for it, you won't fail. Me and my boyfriend strongly believes that time and separation is the greatest test of true love. If we will be able to conquer it, then it's God's will. We really are meant for each other. True love is all worth the wait. U seem a very nice person and Im sure the love of ur life is so lucky and blessed to have you.

Keep the love & faith burning!

Tony said...

When my wife and I decided to get her a visa to the USA, we knew we would be separated for an indefinite amount of time. We knew it would be anywhere from six to eighteen months but there was no guarantees.

The time apart was difficult, but also gave us a chance to grow. But fights did occur occasionally, just like they would in person.

Looking back that 51 weeks doesn't seem so bad, and we also think, "how did we have a fight". But it did make us stronger I believe. We know we never want to be separated like that again, but if something happens where life does separate us, we know we will make it through.

I don't give relationship advise- except to tell people to never listen to me on that kind of advise. But I will say this about the long distance relationship- look forward to the next step, but don't let it be the focus of your life. Enjoy what you have now and just be patient. If you want to rush too much, or want to get to the next step when its not the right time, it will drive you nuts.

Good luck.