Friday, January 18, 2008

Just a few of life’s riddles...

Why is it when we care about someone, and want the best for them we end up doing the worst we can for them?

If we try to help fix a mess we make more of a mess out of it, or if we leave it alone then we still manage to make a mess out of it why is that?

Sometimes you don’t even know when you have made a mess of it, just happens without your knowledge, and when you do find out it’s to late to even try to correct it why is that?

When you try to bring happiness to someone you ultimately bring more pain to them why is that?

You try to put a smile on someone’s face but you make them cry instead why?

When you show love to someone it can be as bad as it is good why is that?

When you try to bring life back to someone, and instead you end up with death why is that?

If you think you may have some insights please feel free to comment ........


Nancy said...

Hi...It is in darkness where we can see the stars... Life is not at all that bad if we chose to believe it... We maybe think we are hurting someone especially those we cared about but who doesn't?... Sometimes we just dont expect thing we do won't turn the way we want them to be and that is what exactly made us feel so bad about ourselves but hey...chances are just a wishful thinking apart so why not grab another one instead of blaming ourselves? Hmmm...What u think?!

JK said...

Well nancy, I think as long as people try to do the right things then in the end it should not matter how it actually turns out. But they should be commended for the effort of trying to do the right thing. I mean atleast they tried.