Saturday, March 8, 2008

Some random thoughts

I want to move on with my life I have fallen for someone so special. I would love to make it all work out. It will take time to do so. We will both have to sacrifice so much to do so. We both have already sacrificed alot. I know my love will hold and I will never give up on my quest. I hope and pray she does the same. If by chance she would give up because it is so hard or she would meet someone closer to her even with a broken heart my love would never fail to remain. I will love her forever and always. This is just some random thoughts and feelings. When we have something so special why it we think of the worst possible outcomes? I mean is it just human nature that causes us as human beings to worry so much? I mean I wonder will she ever start getting bored with me? I wonder will she ever just disappear on me? I believe we will work.

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