Sunday, March 2, 2008

Who’s Your Idol?

My friend Amor, passed me this Who’s Your Idol meme. I shall answer it the way I feel... And you can See me for what you will... Thank you so much Amor...

1. Who is/are your idol/s? – My Love

2. What characteristic/s does/do your idol/s possess/es that draws you to him/her/them? – She exhibits a willingness to go out of her ways for others. She shows a strong sense of right and wrong. She strives to maintain her moral values and self respect. She shows her strength when she really wants something she goes for it.

3. What have you learned from him/her/them? – How to be happy and strive for what I truly want in my life.

4. Have you applied anything you’ve learned from your idol/s? – Yes I am currently working on it and will not give up till the task has been completed.

5. What have you taught others based on what you’ve learned from your idol/s? – I teach my children you only live once so if your heart truly desires it the go for it no stops.

6. What are the things that you don’t like about your idol/s? – (would say bothers a little bit instead of dont like. lol) Sometimes she can be a bit impatient.

7. Have you done something to correct them? – Tell her all in Gods time not ours, as God is the one who chooses the times and places not people.

Now, I am passing this tag to: vivek, Nicotine's World of Fun, kiran, Texas sweetie, PinayMommy online, JD - Out of Nowhere, and Mylenjen


Mommy Ruby said...

that's the only answer i can ever think of! thanks for tagging me.

Pinay Mommy

Amor said...

Thanks JK for answering the tag. Good luck to you and to your new found love. :)