Sunday, March 30, 2008

Life is full of gratitude

Thank you asawakomahalko, pinaywahm, and Scotty's Princess for passing me this tag I am greatful first off for having friends like you...

I am greatful that God is in my life...
I am greatful for my friends in cluding all my blogger that are there when happy or sad...
I am greatful that I have someone special to care about and love...
I am greatful for my children
I am greatful for having been permitted a life to live by God...

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In order to be able to achieve and maintain happiness we need to, actively, be able to do two things: Complain and then let go (Dump the baggage, the roadblocks to happiness.) Express Gratitude (The open expression of gratitude promotes happiness.) After all everyone has something to be grateful for and/or something to complain about. If you would like to share, please follow the appropriate link and do so: “Are You Grateful?”,

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I would like to extend this tag out to: Nancy's Peaceful Mind, Utah Mommy Stoutds, Jenny, Texas sweetie, and lis

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asawakomahalko said...

Hi,thanks for the visit and thanks for adding my links...thank so so much."I'm about you? happy weekend...