Tuesday, June 3, 2008

and now there's 2

Hi all! It's Nancy. I am signing in as a newly added administrator of this page. Well, maybe this is not too much of a surprise for some of the frequent visitors here. I have closely seen how you people adore and loves to visit this page and how you contribute it's success is as much as how you made me feel proud as the co-maker/co-designer of this blog. I am happy for the chance JK gave me to write here and I hope to see the same support as you used to give him as the original author of this page. Now, there's gonna be the two of us and I'm gladly looking forward to get to know the rest of the constant and the incoming visitors here.

Thank you all ahead...

'till then!


Gorgeous MUM said...

wow, congrats nancy!

looking forward for your post!

laura said...

Im so happy for both of you guys,