Wednesday, June 25, 2008

credit card: what you need to know

Among many definitions of "credit" one of the most important is "financial trustworthiness". Your credit record is a major factor lenders consider when you apply to borrow cash or to open a credit card account. Credit Card is one forms of credit in which valid holders are authorized to purchase goods and services up to a pre determined amount, called credit limit. It is more convenient in some instances where purchases are safer than carrying cash. However, easy access to money presents a provocative chance to overspend and abuse your credit privilege. If credit card accounts are not paid as agreed, then your credit history will be negatively impacted for number of years. This will definitely affect your future applications for mortgages, installment loans, or other credit related applications.

Now what I'm saying is plain fact and may or could happen to anyone but before you could even get yourself your first credit card, take time to do a little wise planning. In this aspect, Your Credit Network will make it easy for you. It specializes on informing consumers' credit card offers and how to use it wisely. Remember that you shouldn't be spending more than you can afford.

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