Thursday, June 5, 2008


Hello here...

First off, I wanna thank you for all your warm responses. Even before I became a co-author of this blog, I knew how JK had stirred some emotions here through publishing lots of postings about me, lol! And what could I say? He's only being what he is. And since I am finally here, I guess this is now my chance to share something not only about him... it's gonna be about us this time.

Here are a glimpse of what the two of us have been doing almost all day, everyday while we are on each sides of the world.

(click on images for a full view)

Like any other long distance relationships, ours is not a fairytale-like everyday. Though we get along most of the time, stormy weather does comes once in a while too but I believe we both handled it successfully.

We do try merging ourselves and together we practically deal life on it's different measures and directions and I think that's one thing that's keeping us strong and going everyday. We have differences. Culture for one... but how far we've gone will speak on how we dealt with it. I'm not saying we perfectly does but we always make sure to meet halfway before we have to end the day.

By the way, screen shots were taken by me. I barely do this, tho, lol... he usually does (just for fun). Desktop background is one of the greenest and relaxing spots from Twin Lakes Park in Greensburg which he took during their last visit at the park.

Have a great time reading, everyone!

till next post.....


Scotty's Princess said...

WOW! Nice one here Nance! Finally, I was able to hear your heart talking this time. I know JK is always proud to post anything here about you. Know what? EVEn before JK disclosed the name of the special girl in his life who is also a blogger , I knew you're the one she mentioned before in her post, coz I always see ur name here in his blog, hehehe!

Anyways, I am glad to see you both happy. Keep it going and God speed all the way!

Pinay WAHM said...


Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your everyday life/lives. I love reading thriving long distance relationships.


Mummy Sheng said...

thanks for opening up to the world! lol! that was nice! so sweet of you, nancy!

i bet handling long distance relationship is hard! i can never have that, just not me! that's why i've got so much regard to those who are in it, trying to make the relationship strong.

good luck to both of you! you look good together and i know that's for keeps!

take care always!

Nancy said...


thanks! i knew how you can closely relate to this, lol!


you're welcome... we'll try to share and open up a bit more as things happen...


thanks a bunch..yea, it ain't easy especially handling in between long distance arguments, lol..but we always try to compromise.

thank you all, guys for your unfailing sweet thoughts. hugs!

Noushy Syah said...

HI Nancy,

That is so sweet!! Thanks for sharing..wish you both all the best yea.

Distance doesn't matter,when 2 hearts = one..

Take care.

Nancy said...

Thanks Noushy...

yeah, I believe so!